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1.  PSA: ‘Drug Kills’. I truly enjoyed directing and producing this important PSA, focusing on the American-youth.  I believe it hit the mark.

2. ‘My Basketball’. My first short 16mm film as a director.  I enjoyed this shoot and learned a lot; and as always, we had a great time shooting with the kids and accomplishing what we had set out to do.

3. ‘Water for Life’ project. In August 2009, Islamic Relief invited Sheikh Yusuf Estes, Imam Mutahhir Sabre, and Ajmal Pictures to document our trip to Mandera, Kenya.  We witness first hand to the contribution and dedication from the Islamic Relief-UK team and their donors, towards this important project and the basic needs for the people of Kenya.

4. ‘Mothers of the Believers’. A biographical/history series on the wives of Prophet Muhammad with Sheikh Kamal El mekki. Order your 18-episodes today.

5. ‘Understanding the Janazah’. Understanding the Janazah is a must-have DVD for every Muslim family.  This educational docudrama video is astonishing, informative, and it represents groundbreaking work in the educational and training for religious communities alike in regards to the burial process and procedures in accordance with the Islamic rituals and rights. Order your personal DVD copy now.

6. ‘Leap of Faith’. Leap of Faith is a short 3D digital-film about Kareem, a young guy with Acrophobia and his fear of heights which he must overcome. Take a moment and watch our first 3D short-film, and the ‘behind the scene’ clips also.

7. ‘An evening with GIGI’. While working with TransTV in Jakarta, Indonesia as an Executive Producer for the station, this became my second #1 show that I conceptually designed, produced, and lit in 3 short days.  This weekly ‘LIVE’ show became an overnight hit for more than a year.

8. The RFID Network. Ajmal Pictures is the Washington, DC production team for the RFID Network that has become a syndicated program throughout USA as of Oct 2011. (http://RFID.net).

9. ‘AD/B’ commercial. Even thou the camera was below our standard, we conceptually wanted to capture the viewers attention visually – with a simple, indirect message.

10. ‘I am near’ music video. Native Deen hired Harris (gaffer) and his team (production crew). I ended up lighting and conceptualizing most of the scenes due to the size of this project within the short, allotted time.  We worked long hours for the sake of accomplishing this short story, music video. Click on the link and take a look (www.native deen.com/iamnear/).

11. ‘Transforming Architecture’ commercial. A last minute shoot with my colleague and friend – Iliad Terra (a gifted artist), to represent a new architectural team & style in the Washington, DC area.

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